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Texas A&M Mini-Helmet History

I was commissioned by the Texas A&M Sports Museum Committee in 2003 to put together a complete helmet history of Texas A&M football helmets, in mini helmet size, as a display in "The Zone's" Sport Museum at Kyle Field. It is my understanding that the exhibit was taken down in the spring of 2008. I have seen several comments on the web, and yes, the museum did feature a complete football helmet history of Texas A&M football in mini helmet size. The helmets were on display for 4 seasons.
Texas A&M Helmets Overview 1917-1958
Texas A&M Helmets Overview 1966 - 2003
Texas A&M Helmets 1917 - 1935
Texas A&M Helmets 1936 - 1945
Texas A&M Helmets 1949 - 1958
Texas A&M Helmets 1959 - 1963
Texas A&M Helmets 1964
Texas A&M Helmets 1965 - 1977
Texas A&M Helmets 1978
Texas A&M Helmets 1979 - 2003
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